Blunt 143 Marok x Wolle
Blunt 143 Marok x Wolle
Blunt 143 Marok x Wolle
Blunt 143 Marok x Wolle

Blunt 143 Marok x Wolle

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Äsmo Blunt 143 Marok x Wolle

The Blunt 143 is part of the Marok Line and is the brand-new limited signature Model of Wolfgang “Wolle” Nyvelt. Wolle is a true Austrian Snowboard Ikon – Transworld Snowboarder of the year 2008 – and together with Steve he is the creator, headshaper and mastermind of Äsmo. Since roots run deep with Marok it was a dream to collaborate on this Limited Series and combine influences of Skate, Snowboard, Surf and Streetart into one piece. The characteristic squash tail makes progressive freestyle moves and tricks easily possible. It´s surface area is also a bit wider which enables a better lift in powder. So it is a great solution if you want to do both: backyard “street” riding and backcountry freestyle performances.
Graphics by Thomas Marecki aka Marok

Tech stuff

  • Channels: ATC Channel FL 2.3
  • Construction: Glass & Carbon fiber
  • Base: Perlatech PG 8223 sintered, factory waxed
  • Top sheet: OCB 8210
  • Core: CNC machined 3d Popular wood core
  • Flex: Medium/Stiff
  • Super Lightweight
  • Designed and handcrafted in Zillertal, Austria 
  • Leash inkludert


  • Lengde: 143 cm
  • Mål: Nose 33.4 cm - Waist 28.2 cm - Tail 29.5 cm
  • Volum: 4149 cm²

Äsmo ATC Channel FL 2.3
This 3D shapes make our Boards perform in a unique way like no other Powsurfer.
The Channel, a concept taken from Surfing, was adapted and reinvented for the best possible Binding-Less performance. The flat surface area in the middle of the board provides maximum lift in powder and the channels allow the Board to tilt on each side and dig in one edge. This gives the Board control in turns, for traversing and jumps. They act like a fin on a surfboard, but rather than being placed at the tail end the channels run in the middle of the board in between your feet. It enables you to draw the line you want and let you navigate the board even on slopes to reach your next powder run.

The Äsmo Powsurfer features a pad made from EVA Foam, which is super light. It has a kick on the tail and nose end for a solid stance and good-sized knobs for perfect traction.